Lash FX Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Lasts up to 3 months with correct maintenance



Join the celebrity craze and transform your eyelashes with our Lash FX Lash Extensions. Individual eyelash extensions applied to the natural lashes to give you longer, fuller and very natural looking lashes without the use of mascara.

Rethink Your Lash Look

We have tried various different brands of lashes over the years but Lash FX lashes last the best on our clients!



Full Set Using Thicker Lashes (100 Mins) £60

Full Set Using Finer Lashes (130 Mins) £80   

50 Minute Infills-Required every 2-3 Weeks (60 Mins) £35

Lash Removal (20 Mins) £15



Lash FX Semi Permanent eyelash extensions lasts up to 3 months and require infills every 2-3 weeks.

We sell Lash FX Lash Adhesive Remover £22 for home removal of lashes.


Treatment Notes

An Allergy Patch Test Is Essential 48 Hours Prior To Treatment