Perron Rigot Hot Waxing

Using the finest quality Perron Rigot Wax to remove all or most of the Bikini Line Hair. Results lasts 4 to 6 weeks, on average, longer than shaving or hair removal cream, with no shadow or chemical irritation.




Playboy or Brazilian (Strip Left) (30 Mins) £22

Hollywood (All Off) (45 Mins) £32


Treatment Notes

We leave 45 minutes for all first time clients and will provide you with paper pants to wear.

Please make sure there are enough hairs present for us to wax off.

Avoid shaving and other hair removal methods for 4 weeks before treatment.



The skin will be red and tender immediately after treatment which will usually settle within a few hours.



“The best waxing experience I’ve had. My therapist was very confident and friendly, putting me at ease straight away for my Hollywood wax. Also the type of wax used was virtually pain free and has removed even the tiniest of hairs. Highly recommend.”