Vita Liberata &

Fake Bake Spray Tans

Lasts 5-7 days



Vita Liberata Hawaii (For very pale skin) (30 Mins) £25

Vita Liberata Ecuador (30 Mins) £25

Fake Bake Original (30 Mins) £23

Fake Bake Dark (30 Mins) £23

Fake Bake Darker Drops (Per 2 Drops) £1


Treatment Notes

Please exfoliate & moisturise the day before your spray tan.

Don’t moisturize the day of your spray tan.

All spray tans develop in 8-10 hours


Vita Liberata &

Fake Bake Cream Tans

Lasts up to a week

Cream tans generally last longer tan spray tans as they contain more moisturising ingredients and penetrate deeper into the skin. They take longer to apply than spray tans but we recommend cream tans for holidays, bridal parties and special occasions.



Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan (50 Mins) £35

(We apply and you shower off after 10-30 mins, your tan then develops in 8-10 hours)

Fake Bake Original Tan (50 Mins) £33

(We apply and you leave on for 8-10 hours to develop, then rinse off the colour guide)



Treatment Notes

Please exfoliate and moisturise the day before your cream tan.